Social Media Management and Marketing

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, reddit, TikTok, Snapchat. Which channel or channels should you invest your time and money in in 2021?

We firmly believe in interacting with your customers where they live and play.

In the digital space this means coming up with contextually relevant content that fits your brand, meets your goals and provides value to your customers. We’ll help you determine where to get the best return on your efforts.

We apply design thinking here too.

First empathising with your customers to understand their needs.

Where do they spend their time online? How do they see your brand in that space. Are you an unwelcome intrusion, or part of the conversation. We’ll get to the heart of when, where, and how they’re willing to engage with your business. Our team will also get to really understand your brand. Like a good match maker, we need to know and understand both parties before we make an introduction.

Then we define the problem.

Laying out all the pieces so we know all facts, goals, and criteria for success. Looking at what if any content you already have, seeing what your competitors are doing (the good and the bad), Understanding what value you can provide in the digital spaces your customers inhabit. What are your business goals and how can we contribute to achieving them through Social Media? Are you trying to drive web traffic, or in store sales? Are you brand building, or hard selling? Are you speaking to your audience or acquiring a new one? We’ll clearly define all of this.

Now we Ideate.

Coming up with ideas your customers will love that also meet your business goals. Will you inform, entertain, encourage, facilitate, or give? Good content brings something to the party. You want people to give you their time and attention, we’ll think about what you can provide them in return. Whether you’re paying a TikTokker to shuffle in your shoes, creating an engaging Instagram story, or just providing a timely targeted discount to a customer. We’ll make sure it’s relevant to your audience, fits your budget, and fits into a coherent overall strategy.

Prototyping and Testing

Now that we have a strategy, we can start to craft compelling content. Essentially prototyping and testing with each new post or ad. Until we’re driving meaningful engagement from your customers. Growing a relevant audience that will become ambassadors for your brand, as they like share and comment on your social media.