Our Website Development Process

A Flexible & Responsive Approach. 

Once you’ve signed off the design for your new website, we’ll start the build process. 

This starts with setting up the global style sheet, header, and footer. Next, we build all the required page templates, create all the required pages, set up the menus, and load the content. We’ll also provide training at this stage for those who have opted to load content themselves. 

Before your new website goes live we’ll test it on the four most commonly used browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. We’ll also tweak the font sizes, for the main responsive breakpoints to ensure your headings fit across common device sizes.

When we’ve got everything looking perfect, we’ll send you a development link for the final review. 

Finally, we’ll start the process of taking your new website live. Our pre-live process includes our final testing. We also replace the development URLs with the live URLs at this stage. Next, we start the go-live. Repointing your domain name A-Records at our server, checking propagation, retesting all the forms and system emails, and checking any API’s or other integrations are working correctly. Finally, we go through our post-live process, redirecting all of the old URLs to the most appropriate new URL. Configuring google analytics, and monitoring the usage of your new website.